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  • Making automatic offers easy without any effort
  • Direct bookingsvia your website
  • Channel Managerfor your platforms
  • WebsitesYour virtual business card
  • Your customized hotel programfor your settled expectations
No more double bookings

The maintenance and upkeep of availabilities, restrictions and rates in one system

Thanks to our integrated channel manager double bookings are a problem of the past. As a accommodation hoster you are able to send out information like price, rate or availability, on each platform seperated from each other.

The channel manager is connected to JULIA, therefore even bookings which are registered manually (walk in or phone calls) are forwarded to your connected platforms and availabilities are updated within seconds.




Functions & Advantages
Bookings by connected platforms are displayed in the backed with all the available information (icon, guest information, price)
All connected channels are synchronised within seconds 
Automatic fault control: JULIA controls if the availabilites send out to the channels are actually available and corrects typing errors if not. 
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