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  • Making automatic offers easy without any effort
  • Direct bookingsvia your website
  • Channel Managerfor your platforms
  • WebsitesYour virtual business card
  • Your customized hotel programfor your settled expectations

Answering inquiries

So that inquiries become bookings!

Julia answers automatically and professionally, just like you!

The majority of your sales is generated from answering inquiries manually. Factors like promptness and professionalism play a key role.

JULIA assists you in generating more bookings from inquiries, without ever having to take a break. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Who else can do that?

Functions & advantages
Independent offer submission that takes your booking criteria into account
Your guests receive an automated offer reminder
Regular referrals to alternative availabilities
JULIA can communicate with guests in 7 languages
Templates can be adjusted to your design with your separate text modules and layouts
Integration of the Feratel inquiry pool and much more
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