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  • Making automatic offers easy without any effort
  • Direct bookingsvia your website
  • Channel Managerfor your platforms
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Your website made easy

The online shop for rooms & vacation: Your website

Has your website has become a bit outdated and no longer meets the current requirements for online bookability, with clear picture optimized display on all devices like smartphones or tablets?

Every third guest that visits your website does so using a smartphone or a tablet. These moments are important for bookings.

That's why you should ensure you have a descriptive website that not only provides your guest information but also enables bookings. No matter when, where or how.




Functions & advantages
A sales-oriented website with repeat "call to action" integration
Responsive design for adaptation to all devices with internet access
Easy maintenance of content directly in easybooking
Make your website multilingual with up to 7 languages
Search engine optimized programming plus the integration of social media, Google Maps and much more
Choose from a selection of presentations with your own design
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